Support the Edison municipal ballot question November 2, 2021

A YES vote creates an open space trust fund for parks, recreation and open space by implementing a 1 cent per 100 dollar of assessed value property tax.

230 towns and 21 counties have such a tax for parks, recreation, and open space.

This would enable Edison to receive 50% grants from the State Green Acres Program to buy and preserve vacant land in Edison.

Our Mission

To inform, educate, influence, Edison voters to  support parks, recreation, open space, by voting yes on the Edison ballot question to establish an Open Space Trust Fund.

How you can help

Campaign Contributions

Campaign contributions can be made to:

Open Space 21

Mail to:  Open Space 21

2118 Oak Tree Rd.

Edison, NJ 08820



Edison Fall Festival September 25, 2021 11am to 4pm.   Hand out flyers and apples to fairgoers at the Edison Open Space table.

Election Information

The Election will be on November 2, 2012

Look on the ballot for the Edison Municipal Question.

Then vote yes.

Did you know?

That since 1998 Edison has preserved over 950 acres of parks, recreation and open space.

Help us continue our work